I don't have a good camera to begin with, nothing fancy. So don't expect for the pictures to be artsy like the one's you see on some photo blogs. It's just that I have my cam with me always and took pictures of anything I would like to. Can't help but to click on it every now and then. LOL! I realize that it is becoming my hobby and why not make a photo blog to compile those pics.

Just having fun while taking the shots!



watching sunset at a beach; what a relaxing way to end your day! i super love to hangout beside the sea, listening to the waves, winds blowing, seeing the sun goes down.. it makes you realize the wonders that our Creator has made.. took these photos and i just can't help but be amazed of this great views.. the clouds looks like they were on fire.. i envy the simple life they have there..

"At the beach, life is different.
Time doesn't move hour to hour
but mood to moment.

We live by the currents, plan by the tides
and follow the sun."




• che's ray ban

• djhaye's marlboro black

• ina's havaianas


they were enjoying the waves.. i had enough, so i decided to play with my cam and have stolen shots of them.. i was trying to make some artistic shots so i included the shades.. haha..


my friend djhaye.. zoom my cam and got a shot of him.. he was about to jump there but decided not to coz he's having a hard time moving his legs..


this is my friend cheradee.. i love the pic.. it looks like a postcard to me.. lol..